Daredevil Pony Enamel Pin - Classic

Daredevil Pony Enamel Pin - Classic

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PREORDER: Enamel pins expected in the shop and to begin shipping out at the end of July. Delays are possible but not expected.

The Headless Horseman's pony, Daredevil in colorway 'Classic,' from the Unicorns of the Apocalypse series by Moon Brat.

♡ Measures ~2.5" (size estimated; not finalized)! Big pin! ♡
♡ 2 Rubber Clutches ♡
♡ Gold tone plating ♡
♡ Original art and design! Do not support fakes! ♡

+ Collector's Grade: Perfection
+ Standard Grade: Close to perfect! Might not notice a flaw at all! May have small parts slightly under-filled with enamel (still colored, but when viewed at an angle, you can see it's slightly lower than others), a dust speck in the enamel or screen-printed areas (cheeks), etc.
+ Seconds Grade: TBA

**Colors may vary slightly due to phone or monitor settings**

Original art and design. Sale is for pin only and no rights to artwork or design.