FAQs for the Magical Cathedral Ita Bag

⭐March 15th, 2022 Update:⭐ 

All remaining Cathedral Ita Bags will be sold by Moon Brat at in-person events (check @MoonBratStudio for updates), and at Kei Collective, online and in-store.

🌙 Extra inserts and/or extra straps are not available.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience. : (

These will be updated as needed, but here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about the Magical Cathedral Ita Bags.  Thank you so much for your support and interest!  This was a humongous project for me, and I'm so grateful to be able to bring it to life!

09/09/21 Update: As of this morning, manufacturing of the Pre-ordered Midnight Black Cathedral Ita Bags is finished! 🎉 Now the bags are being checked for quality, and then they'll be packed up for shipping to me.  Now, I do not know how long quality checking will take, but I do know that shipping to me is estimated to take about a month.  It is possible for it to be delayed as many large overseas shipments have been since COVID started... but hey, we're finally able to see some light at the end of the tunnel!  Yay!  Thank you for your patience!
Regarding other colored bags:  I do not have any current plans to re-order/re-stock Cathedral Ita Bags right now other than the currently pre-ordered Midnight Black bags. I have some seconds grade and a few standard grade bags in Dusk Purple, Dawn Pink, Meridiem Ivory, Magic Hour Gold, and Full Moon Silver (some colors only available as seconds).  I need to re-inventory what is currently available to be listed online and what will be going to Kei Collective in Phoenix [where they can be purchased from KeiCollective.com or in person].  These will probably be re-listed online at differing times (none of which are decided or definite).  There are multiple reasons behind this process, but I'm sorry for any frustration this causes. 
It's possible I may do another Cathedral Ita Bag Kickstarter or pre-orders in the future, especially after all of the positive feedback (thank you!), but it's not in the cards at the moment.
7/05/21 Update: Pre-ordered Midnight Black Cathedral Ita Bags have been delayed.  We're currently waiting to hear back from our manufacturer about their status.  Thank you for your patience. :)
6/17/21 Update: A Note On Inserts: Extra inserts for the Cathedral Ita Bags have been discontinued until further notice. However, each ita bag does still include a matching, removable insert.  Only the extra inserts have been discontinued. Thank you for your understanding! 🖤
2/16/21 Update: The 2021 pre-orders for the Midnight Black Cathedral Ita Bag are now expected to begin shipping out in the middle of July 2021.  Delays are possible.  We're currently on a waitlist for manufacturing, so it is possible that these dates may change (possibly for the better! :D )

1/11/21 Update:  
I am in the process of taking inventory of the remaining ita bags and photographing them this week.  They will be up for sale during the week of January 18th, but I will also update on my Instagram before they're posted.  Thank you so much for your interest and for your patience with me.  I got a little overwhelmed by this project.

** 8/10/20 Update: The bags are here!!  Listings will be going up ASAP **
The ita bags will be here the in the middle of August, barring any delays (due to customs or USPS delays). I will be photographing and listing the available bags ASAP.
Kickstarter pledges and MoonBrat.com orders will be shipped ASAP, with preference to pledges.

The Cathedral Ita Bags will be available here, on MoonBrat.com!
Listings with real photos will be up in the middle to end of August.  Pre-orders with my original illustrations may be up at the end of July or beginning of August, if time permits.  I'll keep everyone updated via my Instagram: @MoonBratStudio 

Cathedral Ita Bags in Dawn Pink, Dusk Purple, Magic Hour Gold, Meridiem Ivory, Full Moon Silver, and Blood Moon Crimson (bag details below).
A limited number of extra inserts in Midnight Black, Dusk Purple, Dawn Pink, Blood Moon Crimson, and Magic Blue.

Each bag purchased will be shipped separately in a polymailer with bubblewrap to keep shipping costs low. However, any extra inserts (or any other goods) will be sent in the first (or only) ita bag package.
Kickstarter pledges and MoonBrat.com orders will be shipped ASAP, with preference to pledges.
Bag shipping available internationally (I'm so sorry about the high prices; I don't know why USPS is so expensive).

If you pledged for the Kickstarter and need to update your address, I will be checking all Kickstarter messages before sending any packages, so pleased update me through their messaging system.

Moon Brat's Gothic Cathedral Ita Bag was inspired, of course, by the hauntingly beautiful stained glass windows of Medieval Gothic cathedrals, with just a hint of kawaii!  This rather large purse will hold all you may need (or want!) on your adventures or at a convention. 


  •  ♥ Main Pouch Size: 12.6 in x 10.6 in x 4 in (32cm x 27cm x 10cm) Can fit iPads, tablets, and many laptops! 
  •  Display Window Size: 14.5 in x 10.6 in (37cm x 27cm)  
  •  Lots of storage!  Zipper pouch on back of bag (great for keeping things safe), zipper pouch inside backpack (for privacy), large interior pocket for phone or wallet, exterior side pocket for storing things on the go!  And, of course, there's a window pouch!
  •  Window front pouch with two D rings for displaying enamel pins, charms, buttons, or any other treasure you fancy!  Features its own zipper and is separate from the bag pouch!
  •  Free insert that matches the bag's exterior!  Use for easy pin placement and for a sleek, monochromatic look!  Remove insert to reveal each bag's charming, contrasting lining!
  •  Three (3) convertible, adjustable straps included!  Bag can be worn as a backpack, crossbody purse, or over the shoulder! 
  •  Vegan-Friendly!  Exterior is made from 100% vegan leather!
  •  Heart-shaped zipper pulls to match the window design!
  •  Complements many different fashion and costume styles including: gothic / goth, witch -y, Lolita fashion, fairy kei, and other J fashions, as well as cosplay and LARP costumes!