Kadence Clark

Kadence Clark's Portfolio... Sort of

Below lies a very quick overview of some of my latest endeavors.  While certainly not a fully organized portfolio, it's serving as a bit of a peep-folio.  Just a peep of recent works...

For an even more casual, but certainly more diverse and populated, perusal of what I've been up to, you can check out my art business Instagram or my no-pressure-haha-art Instagram. 

Paintings & Drawings

Finnian Fox, watercolor and colored pencil on paper

Archibald Toad, watercolor and colored pencil on paper

Henryk Hare, watercolor and colored pencil on paper
The Half-wolf, watercolor on paper The Unicorn Free, watercolor and ink on paper Wolf's Bane, mixed media on paper

Tiny Paintings & Drawings

Memento Mori, acrylic on pendant Black Widow, acrylic on pendant Goliath Beetle, acrylic on pendant
Silverleaf Nightshade, acrylic on pendant Cow Skull, acrylic on pendant Lupin, acrylic on pendant
Candlelight, conte pencil and ink on black paper The Familiar, watercolor and ink on paper Zombie, mixed media on paper



Mandrake Root, paper clay, watercolor, faux plant Little Phillip, wool, paper clay, acrylic, glitter Mims, wool, silk, glass cabochon, paper, watercolor, paper clay, cat hair
Detail of Bat Friend, polymer clay, faux fur, leather, acrylic, wire