SECONDS Mermaid Castle Enamel Pin

SECONDS Mermaid Castle Enamel Pin

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♡ B+ Quality Seconds: VERY small defects such as under-filled (but still colored) enamel, dust specks, small scratches, etc. Usually just one of these small defects per pin. Still beautiful additions to pin collections! ♡

Finally take your home out of Tom Nook's paws! This pastel mermaid castle can go everywhere you do!
Even if you're not an Animal Crossing fan, this pastel castle stands on its own as the perfect kawaii dream home enamel pin!

♡ Measures 2.25" BIG PIN! ♡
♡ 2 Rubber Clutches ♡
♡ Gold tone plating ♡
♡ Original art and design ♡

**Colors may vary slightly due to phone or monitor settings**

Original art and design.  Sale is for pin only and no rights to artwork or design.
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