SECONDS Squirtle Latte Enamel Pin

SECONDS Squirtle Latte Enamel Pin

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Seconds:  May have small scratches or dust specks in screen-print at top or enamel, slightly under-filled (but still colored) parts, or slight texture on metal, etc.

Squirtle Butterfly Pea Tea Latte with boba enamel pin! 

From the pastel Pokemon Coffee Kickstarter collection!

♡ Standards Quality:  as close to perfect as possible, but may have a small bit of dust in screenprinting or enamel ♡

♡ Measures ~2" ♡
♡ 2 Rubber Clutches ♡
♡ Gold tone plating ♡
♡ Original art and design!  Don't support fakes! ♡

**Colors may vary slightly due to phone or monitor settings**