SECONDS Ghost Pokemon Enamel Pin

SECONDS Ghost Pokemon Enamel Pin

Moon Brat
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*** B+ Seconds Quality: very small defects such as under-filled (but still colored) enamel, dust specks, small scratches, etc.  Usually just one of these small defects per pin.  Still beautiful additions to pin collections!

**Colors may vary slightly due to phone or monitor settings**

These pins were accidentally made with a much darker purple on Gastly and Gengar, throwing off the pastel vibes of the original design, but have no other defects!

These silly ghouls just want to have fun (I couldn't resist)! Original ghost Pokemon Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar play on a pastel carousel in this pin! Background features white holographic glitter.

Great addition to any nerdy, sweet, or pastel pin collection!

♡ Measures 1.75" x 2"♡

**Colors may vary slightly due to phone of monitor settings**