Oak & Acorn Hex Sign - Oxblood Red
Oak & Acorn Hex Sign - Oxblood Red
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Oak & Acorn Hex Sign - Oxblood Red

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Oak and acorn oxblood red Hex Sign ornament by Kadence Clark of Moon Brat!

+ OOAK Ornament
+ Approx. 3in diameter
+ Natural jute cord for hanging
+ Real pine!
+ Acrylic paint design

Lucky Hex Signs with an original Moon Brat twist! I've added some of my own design elements to the traditional Hex Sign designs to create some truly unique pieces; you won't find these Hex Signs anywhere else!

A brief history of Hex Signs and their meanings:

Hex Signs are not just decorative, they're also lucky! Well, basically! The exact origins and meanings of Hex Signs (and even their very name) seem to be up for debate, but what we do know is that the various symbols used in the creation of these signs are meant to attract good things to their owners' lives and sometimes to also keep out bad!

These signs came to America in the 17th century with the Swedish and German settlers that were later known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. Their marriage and birth certificates, family Bibles, furniture, and later barns and buildings were adorned with this colorful folk art in order to bring luck, love, happiness, peace, and faith (I'm a little unsure on the calling of faith; maybe they wanted to reaffirm faith?), and sometimes to drive away negative things... like lightning.

Here are SOME of the most common symbols used in these designs and their meanings:

⭐ Bird (distelfink, traditionally): Good luck and happiness --- An eagle or rooster signifies good health, strength and courage, while a dove brings peace and contentment

⭐ Circle: Eternity or infinity

⭐ Heart: Love and kindness

⭐ Oak leaf: strength

⭐ Raindrops: General abundance, rain, fertility

⭐ Stars: Luck (number of points may mean success, wealth, happiness, AND luck, and/or might also keep away evil)

⭐ Tulip: Faith

⭐ Twelve-pointed Rosette: joy in each month of the year

⭐ Unicorn: One means virtue and piety, a double unicorn design symbolizes peace and unity among all creatures, even "wild animals"

⭐ Wavy border: smooth sailing through life

🌻 Colors:
Black: Protection, binds elements together
Blue: Protection (again?!), peace, calm
Brown: Earth, nature, strength, friendship
Green: Success, growth, fertility
Orange: Abundance
Red: Creativity, passion, emotions
Purple: Sacred things, spirituality
White: Flowing energy, purity, the moon
Yellow: Health, the sun, love