Autumn Animal Crossing Enamel Pin

Autumn Animal Crossing Enamel Pin

Moon Brat
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Special Halloween / autumn edition enamel pin! Original art and design. Don't support fakes! ♡

Finally take your home out of Tom Nook's paws! This spooky, pastel cottage can go everywhere you do!

♡ Measures 2.5" ♡
♡ 2 Rubber Clutches ♡
♡ Original art and design ♡
**Colors may vary slightly due to phone or monitor settings**

+ Collector's Grade: Perfection
+ Standard Grade: Close to perfect! Might not notice a flaw at all!  May have small parts slightly under-filled with enamel (still colored, but when viewed at an angle, you can see it's slightly lower than others), a dust speck or two.
+ Seconds Grade:

Original art and design.  Copyright ©2019 Moon Brat. All rights reserved.